Security Management - Diploma and Certificate Level

Diploma in Security Management

Participants must meet the following criteria in order to attain a "Diploma in Security Management":
  • Being the holder of K2's "Certificate in Security Management"; and
  • Having successfully completed K2's "Investigation Course (Code: INV500)"; and
  • Having successfully completed a thesis on a security management topic.
Certificate in Security Management

K2's "Certificate in Security Management" consists of 42 hours of classroom training.  It is built on modular basis in order to provide participants with maximum flexibility for time and financial planning while at the same time, the opportunity to pursue professional advancement and recognition for personal growth.  Participants may enroll for each individual module or the whole programme in one-go. 
  • Module 0 "Foundation" must be completed before the other modules.
  • Participants must complete all 5 modules within 5 years in order to attain the "Certificate in Security Management".

Upcoming Courses

Module Date Time
Module 0: Foundation
tbc tbc
Module 1: Principles of Security Management tbc tbc
Module 2: Guard Management
tbc tbc
Module 3: Physical Security tbc tbc
Module 4: Emergency Management tbctbc

Course Fees

  Module 0 Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4  Full Programme
Individual members of IPSA(HK) and K2 Alumni $1,120 $1,680 $1,680  $1,680 $1,680  $7,060 
Staff of Corporate Members of IPSA(HK) $1,330 $1,995   $1,995  $1,995  $1,995  $8,380
Non-members $1,400 $2,100  $2,100  $2,100 $2,100 $8,820

Course Flyer and Enrolment

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Important Notice

Holders of certificates of "Principles of Security Management", "Guard Management", "Physical Security" and "Emergency Management" previously issued by K2 please note:
  • With effect from March 1, 2014, K2 will mandate a 5-year limitation for the issuance of a "Certificate in Security Management".  
  • If you have completed any of the individual module(s) before and intend to pursue K2's "Certificate in Security Management", you must complete the outstanding modules within the 5-year period.  
  • If the "Date of Issue" on the certificate of the earliest module completed by you is on or before March, you should complete the outstanding modules within 2014.  You will be exempted from "Module 0: Foundation".